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NEW Concept That Has Never Been Seen Before!Strengthen Eyelash and Eyebrow by its Hair Follicles for Fuller & Healthier Looks!12 Hair Follicle Growth FactorsPatented ‘IntoCell’ Growth Factor TechnologyPerfect Amount of Peptide, Vitamin, and Protein IncludedSkin Friendly IngredientsNo MSG, No Chemical Additives3 Week Performance GuaranteeUse Frida by brushing the roots

NEW Concept That Has Never Been Seen Before!
Strengthen Eyelash and Eyebrow by its Hair Follicles for Fuller & Healthier Looks!

12 Hair Follicle Growth Factors
Patented ‘IntoCell’ Growth Factor Technology
Perfect Amount of Peptide, Vitamin, and Protein Included
Skin Friendly Ingredients
No MSG, No Chemical Additives
3 Week Performance Guarantee

Use Frida by brushing the roots of your desired area.
The solution is 100% protein ingredients and safe for eyes- and will not cause irritation.

Are you:

  • Stressing Your Eyes with Mascara?
  • Losing Eyelashes from Extension Products?
  • Experiencing Side Effects from Transplant Services?
  • Upset with short-lived serums?

Say Hello to Frida- The Ultimate Eyelash & Eyebrow Solution!

Beauty from Roots- A Hospital Care Product Frida is Available Now!

12 Kinds of Growth Factors, Peptide, and Vitamins with Histemo Technology Will Create Fuller & Healthier Eyebrow and Eyelashes.

Frida is best if you have:

  • Light Eyebrows
  • Short & Thin Eyelashes
  • Weak and Malnourished Eyelashes from Frequent Makeup Usage

Experience Fundamental Improvement with Frida!

Frida User Guide

  1. Take out the pin, spin the top to the water droplet sign
  2. Press the growth factor powder & solution
  3. Shake and mix the growth factor powder & solution
  4. Open the lid and insert the solution into the brush
  5. Turn the tip clockwise until the solution comes out
  6. Clean eyelash and eyebrow, then apply the brush. Apply at least 5 times a day.

Frida User Guide & Effects

  • Apply at least 2~3 Times on Eyelash and Eyebrow
    > Morning before Mascara
    > Evening after Skincare
  • Focus on Applying the Solution to the Roots of your Eyebrows and Eyelashes
  • Once the Growth Factor Solution is Shaken and Mixed, it is Recommended to use them within 4 weeks for maximum potency.

Frida User Tip

  • For Faster Results, carry the solution bag with you and apply every 3 hours for 5 times a day
  • Apply Makeup after the solution has been fully absorbed
  • Frequent Usage is better than excessive one-time usage
  • The solution consists of only protein ingredients so it is safe for eyes; however, avoid contact with eyes

Multi-Growth Factors 12 (GF-12)
HISTEMO FRIDA provides intense nourishment to help achieve fuller, longer looking, beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes through 12 Growth Factors
(lntocell-Noggin, lntocell-PDGFA, lntocell-VEGFA, SCF, HGF, PDGFA, VEGFA, bFGF, KGF-1, Noggin), Peptides and Vitamins.

FRIDA delivers Growth Factor Peptides,
a proven substance, to provide a fundamental solution for beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes.

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