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Double Effect Core PGF

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Growth factor powder that maximizes the effectiveness of the procedure, Accelerate hair growth, thickness, maintain hair growing period

Growth Factors, Strengthening Follicles Agents, Hair Growth Agents, Hair Retention Agents (Active Powder Functions), Ultra Double Effect Core PGF is an intensive anti-hair loss solution contains active growth factors and peptides which promote hair growth. It is a powder format which allows it to be applied to various anti-hair loss solutions.

Main ingredients


5 growth factors(PDGF-A, IGF-1, VEGF, KGF, bFGF), 4 peptides( phyto thimosin-beta4, vitamin peptide, elastin scalp

peptide, copper tripeptide)


Period of use

Powder: 200mg x 30vials (once a week, for 7 months)



How to use

It is used in a combination with an ION-TO G or mixed 1stenhancer solution for sensitive scalp or inflammation scalp apply it to the clean scalp and absorb it well





Powder: 200mg x 30vials 

Luke Skywalker 07-07-2021
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