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Ultra-2nd Strong Powder 100MgX12 Vials

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Special powder for accelerate hair thickness, Hair loss management 2nd step (3 month)

Designed to protect short baby hair from falling and help grow them into healthy hair by enhancing thickness of hair and prolong the life cycle of hair with Elastin scalp peptide and copper tripeptide-1.

Main ingredients


  • 4 growth factors(PDGF-A, IGF-1, VEGF, bFGF)
  • 4 peptides( phyto thimosin-beta4, vitamin peptide, elastin scalp peptide, copper tripeptide)


Period of use

Powder, 100MgX12 Vials 3 months

Apply a pair of solution every 2 Weeks for the period of 3 Months


How to use

Mix it with the 1st enhancer until 4ml indicator, apply it to the clean scalp, and absorb it well


Luke Skywalker 07-07-2021
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