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Ultra-Growing 1st Powder 100MgX12 Vials

  • QAR 900.00
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Special powder for accelerate hair growth, Hair loss management 1st step (3 month)

Boosting the hair growth- With 4 types of hair growth factors and 3 types of hair growth peptides


Main ingredients

  • 4 growth factors(PDGF-A, IGF-1, VEGF, HGF)
  • 3 peptides( phyto thimosin-beta4, vitamin peptide, copper tripeptide)


Period of use

Powder, 100MgX12 Vials 3 months  (once a week)


How to use

Mix it with the 1st enhancer until 4ml indicator, apply it to the clean scalp, and absorb it well

Luke Skywalker 28-04-2021
  • It's a super product, thanks

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