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IONTO – E Hair Essence

  • QAR 230.00
4 reviews

Hair Essence to Recovery of damaged hair from protein and peptide, Recovery of damaged area provides smooth and glossy hair, Protection against the strong ultraviolet rays of soft hair

  • A variety of proteins and peptides recover the damaged hair tissues by forming a silk film on the affected area. Results in shiny and healthy hair while providing protection from UV rays.
  • Hair-forming protein and peptide components restore damaged tissue.
  • Recover damaged areas to give smooth, shiny hair.
  • Protects fragile hair from strong ultraviolet rays.

Size: 150ML

Main ingredients

  • bEGF, VEGF
  • Copper TriPeptide-1
  • Sh-OligoPeptide-2
  • Sh-PoliPeptide-1
  • Rh-PoliPeptide-9
  • Caffeoyl DecaPeptide-17
  • TetraPeptide-32


How to use


Apply an appropriate amount to hair (wet or dry) and apply it to the tip of the hair.


Luke Skywalker 25-04-2021
  • Since I started using this serum I could never stop it or change it with any other serum. It gives brightness and shining to my hair without leaving it oily. Loving its smell also ????

    Luke Skywalker 27-04-2021
  • This serum has great hydration effect on my hair with frizz free hair , smelling wonderful and not oily

    Luke Skywalker 28-04-2021
  • Perfect serum for hair Hydrated hair Treatment Brightness

    Luke Skywalker 11-06-2021
  • Very effective❤️❤️❤️

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