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Histemo Middle East was established in 2015 and our company has many branches such as Qatar and South Korea

Histemo is one of the specialized products in our company. The actual experiences of the chosen the products. This amazing product has proven the effectiveness that no product has achieved over the years and there are many real testimonials documented from the users. Our team of researchers and bio-therapists visited many countries to find reliable products. South Korea was the country that impressed everyone in producing therapeutic products such as Histemo, therapeutic product in all type of hair and scalp problems like hair loss, poor growth, baldness, sick or inactive scalp, hair dandruff, this are the common and debilitating problems for all sufferers.

The concentrated active ingredients contained in Histemo products as well as the nanotechnology that has been manufactured along with all the rest of the advanced manufacturing mechanisms have made this product a real miracle for all those who are desperate for hair and scalp problems. Many have adopted it as an effective and easy alternative to hair transplantation. Researchers and specialists in the bio and pure have noted that the Histemo product also has the superior speed of results compared to other hair treatment products. Therefore, after the great success of this Korean product over the years, Bio and pure was able to acquire the exclusive agency of Histemo product throughout the Arabian Gulf Region.


“Histemo Middle East mission is to achieve the dream of thick, healthy wonderful hair”